Mermade Moments: Our Weekend At IKEA

Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Weekend At IKEA

I spent my Saturday at IKEA. Shopping, dropping, eating Swedish meatballs, and battling over the last pieces of furniture. Okay, so 3 out of 4 of those are true.

If you've never been to IKEA, you are missing out. It's fantastic. They have little apartment set ups all over for examples. They show you how to style spaces on a budget and on limited space! They have TWO food courts! One in the middle of all the furniture goodness (cue Swedish meatballs) and the other is right after you check out. Well played, IKEA. There is also a warehouse part, where you pick out the large pieces of furniture you saw in the set ups. I'll explain how that works later.

this is how the price tag looks. you take a picture (or write the numbers down) and find it in the warehouse later!
the famous meatballs

IKEA is basically 360,000 square feet of everything you would ever need to have the cutest house/apartment/dorm/bedroom ever.

J found a whole Swedish library to relax in

We ended up buying a dresser, a book shelf, a desk, 2 lamps, a craft cart and a few other random things for $398 with tax! Split in half, we only paid $193 each! Talk about a steal. I won't be sharing any actual furniture pieces until we have our room set up, but I figured I would show you some pictures from our adventure.

everything comes super compact!
 Here's a few of my IKEA shopping tips. 
  • wear comfy shoes - you do not look cute wobbling in wedges!
  • take a picture of all the price tags you are interested in
  • grab a map when you first walk in
  • have a set budget - you will go cray in there!
  • eat something before you get there - it's a loooong walk
  • be sure to stop at one of the food courts before you leave - you deserve it!
  • leave your Subaru at home. We watched a couple struggle to get a box into their car that was longer than their actual car!!!!!

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  1. Oh you make me so jealous! Awe don't have an IKEA near us anymore (well actually I am just too lazy to drive the hour and half to the nearest one to us) and I miss those swedish meatballs dearly.

  2. Oh those Swedish meatballs are SO good. And you can easily spend the whole flippin' day at IKEA and not even know!! Good luck setting everything up!!

  3. I just went for the first time a few weeks ago and boy, was I out of my league! I was not prepared for the swarms of people in the warehouse :D My bf & I barely made it out alive!

  4. There are no IKEA's near me...I think the closest is 3.5 hours away, but when I move I plan on getting new bed room furniture from there, so this post was really helpful to read! Thanks for all the great tips!!


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